Tantra massage workshops


Tantra massage workshops

Tantra massage workshops
Bring back the spark and ignite intense passion in your intimate relationships through the art of Tantra and sensual touch. Create the love and connection you are craving for. Merge into deep intimacy with your partner and explore both of your deepest desires.

Tantra massage workshops


Tantra massage workshops

Tantra Massage Workshops

Today is a great day to learn something new!


Tantra Massage has become very popular in Estonia and Europe over the past ten years. The demand for the Tantric massage is constantly growing.

Tantra Massage is very beneficial for men and women health and sexuality.

Tantra Massage helps to heal different health matters, to open and discover yourself and your partner, to release tension and stress and many more. Tantra massage has a very positive effect on self-esteem and general feeling: it will make you more joyful, relaxed and balanced.

Tantra massage workshops are meant for men, women and couples who want to learn and discover the ancient art of Tantra Massage (Lingam and Yoni Massage).

Many men and women who came to received Tantra Massage tome, have asked if I could teach them Tantra Massage techniques so that they could practice it with their partners back at home. I decided to share my knowledge and experiences and conduct Tantra massage workshops for everyone who desires.

What is an Individual (Private) Tantra Massage Workshop like?

I start the workshop with the theoretical part: I speak about the preparation for the Tantra massage session, creatinon of the atmosphere, creation of the connection in the relationship between partners, and I answer the questions that arise. The theoretical part is followed by the practical part. We learn and practice massage techniques on male/female model. We start with a relaxing full body massage and smoothly go over to the intimate Lingam/Yoni massage. I show various Tantra massage techniques and the participants repeat them after me. During Tantra Massage workshop we complete an 1.5 hour massage session starting from the head, ending with Lingam/Yoni massage.

From time to time I give Tantra massage workshops for the groups. You can find the information about upcoming events on my webpage and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tantraestonia


Tantra Massage Workshop

It is advisable to bring a bottle of water to the workshop and not to come with an empty stomach.

The workshop's duration is 3-4 hours.

Workshops are held in Estonian, Russian or English.

Price € 300

Please come to the workshop in a good mood and without expectations. Please be polite, patient and friendly to all the participants of the workshop.

Come and discover the beautiful world of Tantra!

NB! Tantra Massage is done by hands only. Sexual intercourse is not involved!

When booking a workshop, please consider that you have to pay an advance payment of 50%. The workshop time can be changed no later than 24 hours before the start of the workshop.
Let’s respect each other’s time!