Tantra Massage Workshop for Couples

Tantra Massage Workshop for Couples

Tantra Massage Workshop for Couples

Tantra annab vabaduse – olla tasakaalus ja armastavas seisundis! Antud koolitusel häälestume Tantra praktika kõrgemale tasemele, mis annab võimaluse arendada om senised teadmised ja kogemused kõrgemale tasemele.
Koolituse tulemusena tasakaalustad endas nai- ja meesenergiaid, vabastad keha ja meele blokeeringutest, lood suurema läheduse ja usalduse oma partneriga.

Tantra Massage Workshop for Couples

Tantra Massage Workshop for Couples

Tantra massaazi koolitus paaridele_TantraEstonia

Tantra Massage Workshop for Couples

True Love is about growing as a Couple!


The path of Tantra is infinite.
It allows you to travel together with your partner in order to open up to greater Love.

The science of Tantra and Tantra massage is very ancient, its effectiveness has been proven for thousands of years, it is still alive and will continue, because Tantra unites us with life. It is the eternal dance of Shiva and Shakti, it is the balance between heaven and earth, Yin and Yang, the eternal night that merges with day.
You can start and perfect your knowledge in tantra massage with a Tantra Massage Workshop for Couples to evolve as a person and at the same time improve your relationship with your partner by putting into practice everything you will learn at Tantra and Tantra Massage Workshop.

Growing in Love as a couple

Tantra is an alchemy, the purpose of which is to turn your partner into your soul mate.
Tantra and Tantra Massage Workshop for Couples is an opportunity to develop a deep soulful connection with your partner.

You can explore and transform your relationship using sacred tantric practices.
With the help of Tantra you can discover the Nectar contained in the meeting of polarities (male and female).

Sex is a Divine

Osho said: “Approach the sexual act as if you are approaching the temple of the Divine. Approach the sexual act as if it is a prayer, as if it is a meditation. Feel the holiness of it.”
Sexual union between a man and a woman is a door to a higher consciousness. Tantra shares the practices on how to open this door provided by nature to access greater Love and connection.

What is the power of Tantra for a couple?

Tantra creates a tremendous resource for the development of conscious Love.
You will experience positive sexual and spiritual transformation by practicing Tantra as a couple.

Tantra is the path through which you can learn how to enliven the sex life in your couple.
Tantra teaches how you can move your energy from the first chakra to the seventh chakra.

On reaching the seventh chakra, you attain utmost satisfaction and the love making experience that you have with your partner deepens.

Tantra is the path of Conscious Love

Tantra is the path of Conscious Love.
Connection to inner Love and peace – to who I am – reduces dependence on external circumstances. Connection to inner Love and peace makes us less manipulative. There is an experiential understanding that everything we need to live is already there.
Tantra Massage Workshop for Couples will help you Love yourself unconditionally.
Which results in your partner loving you in the same way.

The workshop practices will help you deepen intimacy in your couple, and open your hearts
receptive to conscious communication and experiencing sacred sexuality.

What will you learn at the workshop?

AT the workshop you will learn how to increase body sensitivity, heal sexuality-related traumas, and open up new orgasms.
The workshop helps partners to connect through exquisite Tantra pleasure practices, and deepen Love through ecstatic breath work, and heart-opening rituals. You will discover subtle energy practices that will stoke the fire of your Love.

The workshop lets you expand your intimacy, inspiring you to slow down and truly savour the gift of your connection by nourishing your souls with embodied meditation to get you out of your head and get more deeply connected to your bodies.

The workshop covers various topics, such as – what is Tantra, how to develop sexuality, how to improve a couple’s sexual relationship,
how to love deeply and others.

The workshop will add new tools to your Intimacy Box. You uncover more secrets to drive each other wild and connect at a deeper level.

The workshop helps to heal past traumas stored in the body.
You will learn to love and accept each other unconditionally.

The workshop is an ideal opportunity to recharge your relationship. Whether you have been together for a short time or a long time, regardless of your age or circumstances,
tantric practices will light the fire of your Love stronger, and remind you why you enjoyed each other so much at the beginning of the relationship.

Workshop topics

What is Tantra?
What are the Chakras and how to balance them?
Meditation to purify and activate the chakras
How to increase the sensitivity of the body?
How to manage sexual energy?
Microcosmic Orbit practice
Yap Yum practice
Deeply relaxing body practices
The art of hugging
The energetic structure of a human and its relation to tantric massage
How to prepare for tantric massage and create a safe atmosphere
Tantra massage theory and practice
Yoni and Lingam massage theory and practice
Prostate and anal massage theory and practice
Important energy points and massage techniques to increase sexual energy flow.

Tantra massage workshop is a unique workshop for those couples who want to discover the wonderful and life-changing world of Tantra
in a home environment (the couple’s preferred location).

The workshop fee includes: 20 theoretical and practical hours, Yoni and Lingam massage guides, all the supplies necessary for tantra massage practice.
The workshop fee does not include: the teachers transport/accommodation fee (if the workshop takes place more than 50 km outside of Tallinn).

Couples who have completed the workshop say after the workshop that the workshop has brought more Love, closeness, and intimacy to their relationship.
Many couples say that they never believed that it was possible to experience something so special!
If you want to experience something special with your partner, and take your relationship to a new level, this workshop is for you!

Relationships have the power to open our hearts, sparking incredible depths of intimacy,
and creating remarkable transformations.


Tantra Massage for Couples

Tantra Massage Workshop for Couples

2-days workshop

Price €1200

Book a workshop: +372 53 787 230
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The workshop does not include any sexual activity or intercourse.

Two hours before the workshop is recommended to eat light food.
Avoid eating heavy food (meat, fish, eggs, etc.), drinking coffee, black tea, stimulating drinks, alcohol before the workshop.

Please come unscented!

Come and discover the beautiful world of Tantra!

When booking a workshop, please consider that you have to pay an advance payment of 50 %
When booking a workshop, please keep in mind that the reservation time can be cancelled no later than 24 hours before the start of the workshop.
Let’s respect each other’s time!