Transformational Game “Sea of Love”

Transformational Game “Sea of Love”

Transformational Game “Sea of Love”

Each of us has a beautiful Sea of Love inside ourselves. Love Energy is everywhere. Breath in Love, breath out Gratitude. Play the game and learn to Love and accept love in 5 Love Languages.


Transformational Game "Sea of Love"

Uncover the secrets to a long-lasting happy relationship


Transformational Games – the fun way to personal growth!

Ever wish there was a fun, engaging way to find your soulmate, lose weight, or find a job of your dream?

Say hello to transformational games!

You might be surprised, but let me ask you: “What did you love to do as a child?” Most likely, one of your answers is “Play!”

Learning playfully is the most powerful tool because it’s fun!

But let’s get back to our adult lives. Playfulness is something we often store away due to the zillion responsibilities we have on our plates.
But here’s the trick: our adult defenses are down when we play, and we genuinely enjoy life.

That’s why transformational games work like magic — our beautiful minds think we’re just playing and remove their adults guards.

What are transformational games?

Transformational games are powerful tools for self-discovery and personal growth.

They offer a playful way to explore your inner world and achieve your goals.

Transformational games are all about boosting self-awareness.

As you play, you’ll see your life from a fresh perspective, notice recurring themes that no longer serve you,
and recognise patterns in your behaviour that hold you back from your dreams.

The uniqueness of transformational games lies in the blend of mindfulness exercises, meditation, visualisation,
and dialogue, creating a powerful personal development experience.

And here’s the best part: there are no losers in transformational games.

Everyone gains valuable insights and answers to their questions.

During the game, I guide you to develop new skills and perspectives and see your challenges from fresh angles.

I’ve been hosting transformational games since 2022.

Since January 2023 I am hosting transformational game “Sea of Love”.

“Sea of ​​Love” transformational game was created by me in co-creation with the Ascended Masters.

“Sea of ​​Love” Transformational Game is aimed to uncovering the secrets to Self-love, learning to Love and learning to accept Love, building and maintaining a healthy, happy, and harmonious long-lasting relationships.

“Sea of ​​Love” Game is based on:
7 years of my professional practice in body-oriented therapy and psychological counselling;
Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages”;
“The Wheel of Life” coaching tool.


Individual Game

Play the game with a request (a question) or just for fun.

Roll the dice, move around the board game, practice exciting game tasks and answer the magic questions.
Share and receive Love in 5 Love Languages and collect the Love hearts.
As you play, you will discover the 5 Languages of Love: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and gifts.
You will find out your main Love Language.
You will develop and practise self-love and learn to build happy relationships.

Playing the "Sea of Love" game you will:

    • Get to know yourself better;
    • Discover the 5 Languages of Love:
    • Find out your Love Language;
    • Develop and practice self-love and learn how to love yourself more;
    • Boost good vibes;
    • Get in touch with your feelings;
    • Increase your confidence and improve self-esteem;
    • Explore your wants and needs, and learn to fulfil them;
    • Connect with your Inner Child, discover your hidden talents;
    • Get in touch with your Inner Self, practicing mindfulness practices;
    • Find inner peace;
    • Practices new, fun and engaging activities, and much more.

The game focuses on:

Practice of self-love;
Discovering the 5 Love Languages;
Accepting Love in 5 Love Languages;
Sharing Love in 5 Love Languages;
Enhancement of self-esteem;
Getting in touch with the Inner Self;
Acceptance of the body (the game is full of body-oriented practices and exercises that allow you to open up, love and accept your body);
The ability to enjoy life;
Learning to understand real needs and wants;
Learing how to build truly intimate, happy, long lasting relationship.

The game includes individual and couple practices, atmosphere of support and admiration,
which allows each participant to open up and to be filled with resources.

Play activates the ability to enjoy and love yourself, opposite sex, the world.

Sea of Love game is for you if you want to:

• Find the reasons that limit you to love yourself, your partner or your family.
• Understand what attitudes, scripts, and generic programs prevent you from loving yourself, someone, or loving at all.
• Harmonise the balance between sharing and receiving Love.
• Strengthen the contact with yourself, people around you, and the Universe.
• Reprogram your thinking.
• Make a plan to achieve your desires and goals.
You can work through one or more questions in one game.

The game is suitable for a wide range of requests. Please see some examples of request below.

Examples of requests for Individual Game:

• How to fall in love with myself?
• How to find a life partner?
• How to relieve stress?
• How can I improve my relationship?
• I How can I increase my self-confidence?
• How to lose weight?
• How do I find a job of my dream?
• How do I make new friends?
• How do I get motivated?


Couples Game

Looking for new and exciting ways to connect with your partner?

“Sea of ​​Love” is a unique and engaging personal development game for couples,
that will help you build and maintain a happy relationship filled with love and intimacy.

In this exciting game, you will:

Get to know each other from new sides;
Discover the 5 Love Languages;
Find out what Love Languages are important to you and your partner;
Gain a deeper understanding of each other’s needs and desires, and learn how to fulfil them;
Build truly intimate and happy relationship in your couple.

Examples of requests for Couples Game:

• How to become closer in a relationship?
• How to improve sexual life?
• How to relieve stress?
• How to improve a communication in a relationship?
• How to build trust and commitment in a relationship?
• How to handle money issues in a relationship??
• How to cope with jealousy?
• How to get along if we have different parenting styles?
• What to do if we are arguing a lot?


What to expect:

Game Duration: Typically, up to 1.5-3 hours of engaging, thought-provoking fun.
Focus: Personal development and achievement.
Results:  You’ll walk away with a big smile, valuable insights and clarity in your mind.
Support: I help you set achievable goals and guide you through the process.

Experience an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and growth.

Ready to play?

I offer a variety of options to fit your needs:

Individual Games: Play online or offline at your own pace.
Group Sessions: Available online or offline for 2-8 participants.
Special Events: Ideal for birthday parties, bridal showers, or a fun night with friends.
Retreats: Dive deep into personal development in a supportive, immersive environment.

Ready to roll the dice and transform your Life?

Join me for an unforgettable experience!


Tantra Game

Individual Game

Playtime 1.5 hours

        • In the studio or Online
  • Price €90

    Tantra Massage for Couples

    Couples Game

    Playtime 2 hours

    In the studio or Online

    Price €190

    It is recommended to eat at least two hours before the Game.
    Avoid eating heavy food (meat, fish), drinking coffee, black tea, stimulating drinks, alcohol, and tobacco products.

    Please come unscented!

    Come and discover the exciting world of Transformational Games!

    When booking the game, please consider that you have to pay an advance payment of 50 %
    When booking a game, please keep in mind that the reservation time can be canceled no later than 24 hours before the start of the game.
    Let’s respect each other’s time!