Self-study course Activation of the Fiery Body. Pineal Gland. Part 1.


The channeler and spiritual psychologist – Marina Iverova, has received this course from the Master Serapis Bey.

The self-study course is for individual study and practice.

At the course you will

Learn how to build contact with your Fiery body
Restore your natural connection with the Sun
Activate in your physical body a part of the Fiery body – the Har crystal
You will discover the incredible, but real opportunities of Har crystal
through special fiery practices.

What is the expected result?

You will solve your health and financial problems
You will become more beautiful, more charismatic, and more attractive to the opposite sex
You will uncover your unknown talents and gifts
You will gain confidence and inspiration to create new projects

What does the self-study course consist of

Lecture 21, Part 1 – text file
Meditation – text file
Meditation – video file
Practices – text file
Success stories of course participants – video file
Miracles that happened on the course – video file
Har-Hor mudra additions – text file

Text files and video files are in English.

We will forward you the course within 24 hours after the purchase.

Access to the course is open for 12 months.
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