Transformation Game “Sea of Love”

Transformation Game “Sea of Love”

/Tantra Game “Sea of Love”

Each of us has a beautiful Sea of Love inside ourselves. Love Energy is everywhere. Breath in Love, breat out Grattitude.


Transformation Game "Sea of Love"

Dive into the "Sea of Love" and discover the 5 Languages of Love in a fun game!


“Sea of ​​Love” is a transformation game that helps to create deeper and more meaningful relationships..

The game was created in a collaboration with my Higher Self and the Ascended Masters..

When creating the game, I was inspired by Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages ​”.

Private Game

Are you tired of tense and shallow relationships?
Do you want to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with your loved ones?
Are you ready to discover the secrets of your heart and take a step closer to your true Self?

Game description

“Sea of ​​Love” transformation game helps you delve into your inner world and create deeper relationship with yourself and your
loved ones.
You will discover the 5 Languages ​​of Love:
physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gifts, and learn to express and receive Love unconditionally.

You can play individually, with a partner, with your whole family or with a group of friends.
The game is conducted by the author of the game, a certified transformation games therapist, Reiki Master – Kristiina Merimaa.
During the game, players answer the questions, practice different exercises, share their wishes, feelings and experiences.
Depending on the number of players, the game lasts for 1.5-2.5 hours.

Since 2023, the Sea of ​​Love transformation game has helped hundreds of people to love themselves more,
and create deeper and more meaningful relationships with the loved ones and people around.
With the help of the game, players:

Learned to share and receive love unconditionally;
Improved their communication skills and empathy;
Let go of negative emotions, emotional tensions, fears, feeling of guilt, physical and psychological blockages and traumas;
Created deeper and more intimate relationships with their loved ones .

Game play

You roll the dice, make moves, play engaging exercises and answer exciting questions.
You will discover the 5 Languages ​​of Love: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service and gifts.
You will discover many tips and practices that will help you to improve communication and deepen intimacy in your relationships.

Are you ready to start the journey towards deeper and more intimate relationships?
If so, book the “Sea of ​​Love” transformation game today!


Why play the Transformation Game "Sea of Love"?

    • A stronger sense of self
    • The Game helps to discover and accept hidden sides of oneself; With the help of the Game, you can better understand your emotions and motivation; You will learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and learn to balance them better;
    • Better relationships
    • The game helps develop empathy and improve communication and listening skills; You get to know yourself and your loved ones better; You learn to connect with your partner, and the loved ones on a deeper level.
    • Creating close and deeper physical contact
    • The body practices of the game, touching and hugging help to create a deeper and more intimate physical connection with your partner, and your loved ones. The Game helps to increase trust and intimacy, and will deepen Love and affection in your couple.
    • Overcoming communication barriers
    • With the help of the game, you can learn how to communicate with your partner more openly and sincerely, how to share your feelings and needs, and how to listen and understand each other better. The game helps to overcome communication barriers, and create a stronger emotional bond.
    • Expressing Love and affection
    • The body practices of the Game offer new and unique ways to express your Love and affection to your partner; The Game helps to strengthen the emotional connection and create a deeper intimacy in your couple.
    • Improving the quality of sexual relationship
    • The Game's body-oriented practices, touches and hugs help to improve sex life by increasing libido, body sensitivity, and creating a deeper and more satisfying sexual experience.
    • Personal development
    • The Game will help you to find the answers to your questions; The game helps determine the direction in life; Playing the Game, you will find the motivation to achieve your goals; The game helps to get in better contact with the Higher Self.
    • Emotional healing
    • The Game helps to let go of negative emotions; The Game helps to release physical and psychological blockages; Playing the Game, you will learn to forgive yourself and others and move on from the past; The game helps to find inner peace and happiness.
    • A fun and enjoyable experience
    • The Game is a fun and engaging way of self-development; Game practices provide new, fun and enjoyable activities; You can play alone, with your partner, with the whole family or with friends.
    • In addition, with the help of the Game you can:
    • Develop your creativity and imagination. Learn new skills. Increase your confidence and self-esteem. Find new opportunities in life and discover new paths.
Dive into the "Sea of ​​Love", and find the way to a deeper intimacy!


Couples Game

Looking for new and exciting ways to connect with your partner on a deeper level?
“Sea of ​​Love” is a unique and engaging transformation game that helps couples to:

Discover each other’s Love Languages ​​and how to love each other better;
To share and receive love in the Five Love Languages;
Create greater trust, closeness and intimacy in a couples relationship;
Share feelings and experiences in a safe and secure space;
Create beautiful memories together.


Tantra Game

Private Game

Playtime 1.5 hours

Choose between Offline and Online Game

Price €90

Tantra Massage for Couples

Couples Game

Playtime 2-2.5 hours

Choose between Offline and Online game

Price €250

It is recommended to eat at least two hours before the Game.
Avoid eating heavy food (meat, fish), drinking coffee, black tea, stimulating drinks, alcohol, and tobacco products.

Please come to the Game unscented!

Come and discover the exciting world of Transformation Games!

When booking the Game, please consider that you have to pay an advance payment of 50 %
When booking a Game, please keep in mind that the reservation time can be canceled no later than 24 hours before the start of the Game.
Let’s respect each other’s time!