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About Me

Whatever happens, happens for the best!


About me

I am happy to connect with you. I am Kristiina Merimaa. I was born in Tallinn in the early 80-es. Since my childhood, I liked everything marvelous and mysterious. My favorite books were wonder fairy tales, that included magical objects, such as magic wands, magic carpets, magic lamps, and others.

When I was about 12-13 years old, I have become interested in Esoteric’s. I started studying Western astrology, numerology, and chiromancy.

One day I heard about Kama Sutra and desperately wanted to read this book. At that time it was a very rare book, and I couldn’t find it anywhere.
But on one fine day, I was lucky to flip it through at my home library where I used to go very often. All I could find in it were pictures of sex positions, and some explanations to them. I was glad and disappointed at the same time. Deep inside myself, I knew that one day I would discover much more!

The time passed. I graduated from the high school and the university. I got a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design.
Soon I moved to England with my boyfriend. I have discovered a totally new life, and a new culture, and met new interesting people in London. I started modeling and opened up emotionally and sexually.
We lived in England for about a year. Then we split out, and I came back to Tallinn.

When I returned, I started working at Swedbank. First as a teller, then as a cash management specialist in the corporate banking division. My customers were general accountants, finance directors, and business owners of the largest companies in Estonia, and the Baltics.
I created, maintained, and developed customer relationships. I advised customers on cash management products and offered the best solutions.

While working in Swedbank I entered the faculty of Business Management at Tartu University, and in 2 years defended my master’s thesis.
While working at Swedbank, I have gained diverse and valuable experiences: some were very happy and great, and some were very hard and destructive. It took me a while to let go of negative emotions and beliefs gained in the bank.
Today, I am very grateful to my colleagues for all the experiences I gained.

Later I worked in some other banks. In 2010, I decided to finish my banking career and start the freelance path. I took my time and did absolutely nothing for about 2 months.
I looked inside myself, had a lot of rest, walked in nature etc., in order to find out what I actually wanted.

This year turned out to be an important turning point in my life.

I started studying Vedic philosophy and Ayurveda. I have become a vegetarian. I studied Hatha Yoga, I started learning how to meditate. I took part in Bert Hellenger family constellations in order to clear up what is going on in my life and to let go of my childhood traumas, and negative family scenarios.
I practiced Fairy Tale Therapy to let go of many of my fears. I got acquainted with Lise Bourbeau’s and Louise Hay’s books and immersed myself in the psychosomatic world. I started to understand the signals of my body and realized why one or another part of the body hurts.


In India, autumn of 2013.

Kristiina_Merimaa_TantraEstonia Обо мне

In Tallinn, summer of 2018.

In the summer of 2013, I got acquainted with the first book by psychologist, and well-known Russian writer, the Happiness Master – Anatoly Nekrasov. His books inspired me a lot, and I entered the faculty of Harmonic Personality Development at the Academy that he founded. I got acquainted with many extraordinary people – each of them shared with me their love, care, knowledge, and life experiences. I am deeply grateful to Anatoly Nekrasov, Natalia Emeljanenko, and everyone I have met at the Academy.

Books, academic studies, workshops, and private conversations with Anatoly Nekrasov totally changed my life. I have become more loving, free, accepting, healthier, honest, grateful, joyful, confident, positive-minded, and creative, and I can go on listing all these transformations that happened to me for a long time.

I have become aware of who I am, and what I want. I have discovered many new interests, and talents inside myself. I started to practice Kundalini yoga, I went to Tantra and Yoni massage therapy. I started to attend Tantra workshops in Estonia and abroad.

In 2016-2017 I completed several Tantra de-armouring and Tantra massage workshops and started to offer Tantra massage sessions and Tantra massage workshops.
In the spring of 2018, I completed a hug therapist course and started offering Hug Therapy sessions.
A little later that year, I finished my studies at the Anatoli Nekrasov Academy and became a certified personal development coach.
In 2018-2021 I worked as a psychological counselor and personal development coach at the Anatoli Nekrasov Academy.

In the Spring of 2020, I went to a Reiki I level course, and later in autumn, I met a wonderful woman, channeller, healer,
and spiritual psychologist – Marina Iverova.
In 2021 I participated in Marina’s course “The Communication with the Higher Self” and later that year I took part in the first and second parts of “The Fire Body Activation course”.

I continued to study Reiki and completed the Reiki II level course.

In 2021 I started to offer private Tantra sessions to couples. At the sessions, I share my experiences and knowledge on how to create greater intimacy in the relationship, how to touch each other consciously and with pleasure, and much more.

At the end of 2021, I started to be interested in psychological transformation games.
I ordered a psychological board game Online and in the spring of 2022, I completed a Game therapist course and have become a certified Game therapist. I started to play the psychological game “Meeting with Myself 2.0”.

After a few months of playing the “Meeting with Myself 2.0” game, at one point I felt that this game was emotionally too difficult for me and my clients, and I started dreaming of creating my own game…
In the summer I started with the development of the game.

In the autumn of 2022, I completed the last level of the Reiki course, and have become a certified Reiki Master.
At the end of 2022 in cooperation with my Higher Self and the Teachers, the game was finally ready.

On January 5th, 2023 my first self-development game “Sea of ​​Love” was born.

In the spring of 2023, I went on with my Fire body activation on Marina Iverova’s course “The Fire Body Activation, Part 3”, and I passed the last part of the course.

I am very grateful to Marina Iverova and the Teachers for the two-year Fire Body Activation course.
This course has changed me and my life on many levels: my energy level has increased, my physical and emotional health has improved,
and my nutrition has changed (on 1.07.2022 I went to raw and Vegan food). I started running in the mornings. I learned to play a piece of Beethoven’s Für Elise after attending the Piano playing online course for 6 months.
I started drawing and painting. I created the board game.
And I believe this is just the beginning.

In order for more people to activate their Fire bodies and change their lives for the better,
I have translated the Fire body activation e-course into English. You can check out the e-course here:

Thanks to Marina, I have discovered the Lightworks.

In October of 2022, I first time participated in the Lightwork that took place on Mount Sinai in Dahab (Egypt), where we received 10 new commandments of God.

The Lightworks take place every year in different corners of the world, and you are welcome to join them.


Marina Iverova in Roma, Italy, in summer of 2022.


I am deeply grateful to the Teachers for the meetings with unconditionally loving, generous, honest, beautiful, wise, and creative people, with whom I develop, and create the best tomorrow!