Tantra massage workshop


Tantra massage workshop

Tantra massage workshop
Bring back the spark and ignite intense passion in your intimate relationships through the art of Tantra and sensual touch. Create the love and connection you are craving for. Merge into deep intimacy with your partner and explore both of your deepest desires.

Tantra massage workshop


Tantra massage workshops

Tantra Massage Workshop

Today is a great day to learn something new!


Tantra Massage has become very popular in Estonia and Europe over the past ten years. The demand for Tantric massage is constantly growing.
Tantra Massage is very beneficial for men and women health and sexuality.

Tantra Massage helps to balannce the energies, heal different health matters, to release tension and stress, and many more.
Tantra massage has a very positive effect on self-esteem and general feeling. Already after one session, you will feel more relaxed, and balanced.

Tantra massage workshop is for men, women, and couples who want to learn and discover the ancient art of Tantra Massage (Lingam and Yoni Massage).

What does the private Tantra Massage Workshop look like?

The workshop starts with the theoretical part where I share my experience and knowledge on Tantra masssage History nad it’s power. We speak how to prepare for the Tantra massage session, how to create the atmosphere, what oils to use, how to create a connection between the partners. I answer the questions.
The theoretical part is followed by the practical part.

You will learn and practice massage techniques on your partner, real or silicon male/female model.

We will start with a relaxing energetic full-body massage and smoothly go over to the breast, Lingam/Yoni massage, prostate/anal massage on request.
I will demonstrate different massage techniques and you will repeat after me. The model will give you the feedback.
At the workshop we will complete a full 1.5-hour Tantra massage session.

What will you learn?
  • How to relax and ground your parnter
  • How to prepare a room and set the right atmosphere
  • How to prepare yourself and your partner
  • Tantric meditations for couples
  • Relaxing energetic whole body massage techniques
  • Marma massage techniques
  • Breast massage techniques
  • Lingam or Yoni massage techniques
  • Prostate or anal massage techniques on request


Tantra mäng

Tantra Massage Workshop

Bring some light clothes (a t-shirt, shorts)
The workshop lasts 3 hours

Price €400

Please come in a good mood! Be polite, and friendly to all the participants of the workshop!

Come and discover the beautiful World of Tantra!

When booking a workshop, please consider that you have to pay an advance payment of 50 %
The workshop time can be changed no later than 24 hours before the start of the workshop.
Let’s respect each other’s time!