Tantra Camp in Pärnu 11-13.08.2023


Tantra Camp will take place in a beautiful place on the bank of the Pärnu River in Pärnu 11-13.08.2023

We will forward you the location info after the registration.
For you who values freedom.
For you who wants to free yourself.

Tantra camp is a place where you can meet people engaged in
self-development, like-minded people, and soul mates.

What will we do at the Tantra Camp?

  • Stay in the moment
  • Love
  • Hug
  • Dance
  • Play
  • Laugh
  • Paint on our bodies
  • Sing
  • Meditate
  • Feel
  • Enjoy
  • Keep silence
  • Make sauna rituals
We will enjoy vegan and raw food.

We will learn to stay in the moment and listen to the heart in order to recognize its voice more easily in everyday life.

We will raise our vibrations by practicing Tantra practices,
and purify ourselves with rituals of fire and water.

We will learn how to build a better connection with the Inner child,
and how to be more spontaneous, happy, and creative.

We might have a Tantra massage workshop if there is a request from the group.
18+ men and women, singles, and couples are welcome
to the Tantra Camp.

No previous Tantra experience is needed.

Important information

  • Tantra Camp is camera-free. Photography and filming are prohibited, including photography and filming on smart devices for personal use.
  • The camp is environmentally friendly. We won’t be using disposable tableware.
    Please bring your water bottle, bowl, and cutlery to the camp.
  • The camp is free of alcohol, tobacco and other stimulants.
  • The well-being, privacy, and security of the participants of the Camp are very important, therefore the organizers have the right to ask the violator of the Camp rules to leave the Camp permanently.

Camp fee

For singles: 400 €
For couples: 750 €

Tantra camp starts on 11.08 at 15:00,
and ends on 13.08 at 15:00.

The camp fee includes 2 nights of accommodation in a holiday home, participation in all practices and workshops, vegan and raw food, herbal tea, and water.


WhatsApp: +372 53 787 230 Kristiina

Participation by prior registration only!

    Participants feedback

    Maria:I was very satisfied, thank you for a wonderful time! Completely exceeded my expectations, because we did a wide variety of practices in addition to the massage practices, which helped me to look more inside myself. Tantra massage itself, of course, but especially holding a stranger’s hand and watching my partner undressed. During the workshop, I got closer to my partner, but most importantly – I discovered the feminine side in myself, which was missing! Thank you!
    Adam: I am very satisfied with the workshop. This was the best Tantra massage workshop where I’ve ever been. Very good atmosphere, friendly people. I learned a lot. I liked very much that the workshop was on yoga mats because I think it is more traditional than on a massage table. Also, I liked that massage techniques were not only for pleasure but healing. Thank you!

    Katrin:I’m very satisfied.
    The time was filled with activity. Very practical. MOst of all I liked Tantra massage, Chakra breathing and playful practices.