Tantra Õhtu 20.11.2022_Egypt

Tantra Evening 20.11.2022


The next Tantra Evening will take place on 20.11 from 17.00 to 20.00 at Väestudio at Mustjõe 45, Tallinn

I will share my impressions of the trip to Egypt, the experience of going up to the top of the Mount Sinai (Moses Mount) at night, and the insights of the important Planetary work we carried out on 24.10.2022.
We will discuss how different energies affect our lives and how we can become friends with them.
We will discuss how to deal with everyday and the end of the year’s stress.

What will we practice?

Liberating movement
Deeply relaxing Tantra practices
Guided meditation

As a result deeply relaxed, joyful, energetic you!

    Energy exchange: on your wish

    Info: +372 53 787 230 Kristiina