Tantra Game "Sea of Love" 21.06.2023


We play on 21.06.2023 from 18.00 to 20.00 in Tallinn

We will send you location information after registration!
A game means impressions, new sensations, discoveries, and an opportunity to test yourself in something new and great.
«Sea of ​​Love» is a self-development, touch, and communication game.
The Game will be interesting for you if you want to get in better contact with yourself, your partner, and the people around you.

The game is created based on my professional and personal experiences and knowledge.

A free, relaxing game that fulfills your desires.

The book “5 Love Languages” which contains the secrets of lasting love, helped me in creating this game.

This book has brought more love into my life.

The worldwide famous psychological tool «Wheel of Life» is included in the game.

In order to change something in your life you need to be honest with yourself, a sincere look at your current life, asking yourself: am I satisfied with my current life?

A good way to assess your satisfaction is the Wheel of Life model.
That helps you to see where you are now, feel, and reflect on where you want to go.

Chakra system is also integrated into the game – 7 chakras plus 1 bonus chakra of pink color. By playing, you release blocked chakras and raise the vibrations of your chakras.

You will discover several physical and psychological practices.

There are 28 tantric practices in the game.

Thanks to many options (there are 118 moves in the game), the game is suitable for regular play and self-discovery.

The more often you play, the better contact with yourself you get, and the more sensitive and loving you become.

While playing the game, you can solve some important questions.

Game flow

You choose a request-question to play with.

You roll the dice, make moves, complete various tasks, and enjoy the game.


Why play?

A relaxing game that fulfills your desires

    • You will relax, and enjoy yourself;
    • You will discover your Love Language(s);
    • You will fill yourself with inner peace, positive abundance, and Love energy;
    • You will create a better contact with yourself;
    • You will make a lot of discoveries about yourself and other players;
    • You will make contact with your Inner Child;
    • The game helps to open up talents;
    • You will bring more playfulness and spontaneity into your life;
    • You will learn to set personal boundaries;
    • You will let go of negative emotions and bad memories;
    • You will fulfil your secret desires;
    • You will learn to dream;
    • You will discover the source of your inner strength;
    • You will discover which tantric practices work for you;
    • A special, fun and quality time together;


Energy exchange in Summer: 20€
Couples: 35€


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