Tantra retreat 29-30.06.2019

♡ Tantra Retreat. Honesty. Love. Freedom. 29-30.06.2019 ♡


Tantra Retreat takes place on 29-30.06.2019, 10.00 to 20.00 at Urban Yogini Õnne Laboratoorium in Tallinn

Dear, I invite you to an exciting journey into Yourself.
This retreat is for you if you want honestly to look inside yourself, see what prevents you from being truly happy and accomplish an internal reboot using deep tantric practices, one of which is mind, heart and sexcual center, harmonizing practice of Tantra massage.

In addition to Tantra massage workshops, you will practice different body practices such as body acceptance practice, Wheel of Consent, breathing practices. You will get acquainted with yoga complex, meditations, learn what kind of negative mind settings prevent you from being in a state of love and joy, and transform them. You will practice body practices that increase sensitivity and awareness of you body.

You will open your femininity/masculinity and sexuality to a greater depth. Transform the fears associated with the manifestation of sexuality and sexual relationships, remove the physical, psychological and emotional blockages.

You will practice harmonizing chakras meditation and building harmonious relationships with yourself meditation. There will be different playful practices in couples to discover new tactile sensations, develope fantasy and fulfill your tactile desires. You will learn about love languages, the natural system of values and how to build happy harmonious relationship in a couple.

During the first part of the retreat, through various body practices, you will prepare yourself for Tantra massage practice, and in the afternoon you will learn and practice Tantra massage in a couple. We will devote a total of about 7-8 hours to Tantra massage workshop and practice.
You will learn how to make two types of healing, relaxing, harmonizing Tantra massage, as well as experience the effect of the massage on yourself. I will share with you the effective authoring practices which I discoved during my practice.

After the retreat, you wil increase the level of sexual energy and joy in your body. You will feel more balanced, open and joyful. Looking honestly inside yourself you will get many new insights. You will be able to tell about your desires and needs freely and confidently. You will let go the fears associated with the manifestation of sexuality and distrust to the opposite sex. You will have a lot of energy for the realization of your desires. You will learn how to make tantric massage to yourself and your loved ones!

    • Yoga complex
    • Meditations
    • Breathing techniques
    • Buikding personal boundaries, saying “No” and “Yes”
    • Chakra affirmations and Chakra breathing
    • Wheel of Consent (giving-receiving, doing-accepting)
    • Body acceptance practice
    • Two kinds of Tantra massage (full body massage)
    • Breast massage
    • Lingam and Yoni massage
  • Love and Freedom
  • Honesty
  • Mature masculine and mature feminine
  • Motives for building happy relationship in a couple

Participation by pre-registration only!

    Participants feedback to 6-7.04.2019 workshop

    Wman participant: I am very happy with the workshop, thank you for these two wonderful days! It completely exceeded my expectations, because we did a lot of practices besides the massage practice, which helped me to look more in myself. I liked Tantra massage itself, of course, but especially keeping the stranger’s hand and watching my partner being naked.
    At this workshop I got closer with my partner but what was the main thing – I discovered the feminine side in myself, which was lost! Thank you!

    Man participant: I am very satisfied with the workshop. This was the best Tantra massage workshop where I’ve ever been. Very good atmosphere, friendly people. I learned a lot. I liked very much that workshop was on yoga mats because I think it is more traditional than on massage table. Also I liked that massage techniques were not only for pleasure but healing. Thank you!

    Woman participant: I’m very satisfied. Time was filled with action. Practical workshop. Lingam and Yoni massage, Chakra’s breathing and playful practices were the ones I liked the most.

    ♡ Energy contribution fee: 200 €
    375 € for couples

    Places are limited.
    I’ll be happy to answer your questions!

    Call me: (+372) 53 787 230
    Or e-mail me: [email protected]

    You will get a full Tantra massage guide.

    NB! There will be nudity in this workshop.

    You can say “No” at anytime during the workshop and become an observer.
    Tantra massage is practiced in couples!

    About me

    I am practicing Tantra Therapist, Hug Therapist and a Life Coach.
    I have studied and practiced topicы of sexuality and body opening since I was 14.
    Since I have begun my private practice in 2016, I have completed more than ten workshops such as body dearmoring, healing, Marma massage, hug therapy, classical and Tantra massage workshops in Estonia and abroad, and I constantly improve my knowledge and skills.
    Since 2018, I am a certified Life Coach. I have graduated from the International Academy of Natural Sciences named after the famous Russian psychologist, writer, Master of happy life Anatoly Alexandrovich Nekrasov.
    During my Tantra massage practice I have created an impressive amount of work: helping to accept the body, deamored different blockages, helped to let go fears and negative beliefs and reveal sexuality to more than three hundred people so far.

    What are Tantra Massage benefits?

    From my practice and personal experience, I can say that with Tantra massage it is possible to solve almost any kind of issues related to the body, mind and soul.
    In my practice, there are many cases when, in one- two sessions, we, together with a client, solved problems with sleep, pains (leg pains, headaches), erection and premature ejaculation problems, increased sensitivity of the body, transformed fears and negative mind settings. Clients life has become more pleasant and joyful, free of stress and anxiety. And these are just some of the possibilities of Tantra massage!


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