Tantric Dating 05.11.2022

Tantric Dating

05.11.2022 19.00-22.00 in Tallinn

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What is Tantric Dating?

It is a relaxing, liberating, full of new discoveries evening for singles and couples,
who want to deepen love, freedom, connection, awareness, intimacy, romance and attraction,
through Tantric knowledge and practices.

What happens on a Tantric Dating?

Every Tantric Dating is special and unique.
You will get to know yourself and other beautiful people around you, while practicing different Tantric practices.

You will be guided in Tantric practices and rituals to:

Awaken your life energy, spontaneity, joy, passion, inner freedom
Raise awareness and presence through breath, sound, movement and touch
Develop body sensitivity and energetic perception
Open the heart and calm the mind
Let go of negative beliefs and behavior patterns
Establish and keep your personal boundaries
Create a conscious couple relationship in which love constantly grows
Develop mature masculinity and femininity
Create deeper intimacy and connection by expressing your desires and preferences within a safe and sacred space
Experience unconditional love beyond sexual attraction


How deep will we go?

Tantric Dating is a beautiful 3-hour long diving into the mysteries of your heart and sacred sensuality.
The practices we will do, will connect you with yourself and those around you.
Energetic and emotional experiences you may feel during the evening may be very deep and will help you to open up self-love, self-acceptance, consciousness, love for your existing or future partner, deeper intimacy, greater joy, acceptance, gratitude.

During the whole evening we will keep our clothes on.

Please wear or bring with you comfortable clothes.

Who is Tantric Dating for?

We welcome Singles and Couples in the age of 30-55.Those who practice Tantra and those who want to get acquainted with it.
We do our best to have equal number of men and women as many of the practices are made in couples, but we can not guarantee this.

During the evening you can say “no” at anytime and become an observer.

Come with an open mind and without expectations and have a beautiful Tantric Dating!


Energy exchange:
Men 40 €
Women 30 €
Couples 60 €

1 participant is welcome to join for free if giving the video feedback after the event!

I’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Phone: +372 53 787 230
E-mail: [email protected]


NB! Participation is by prior registration only!


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