Tantra Lingam Massage


Tantra Massage
Tantric massage for man, women, couples

Tantra Lingam massage for men

Tantra Lingam Massage for men

When was the last time you tried something adventurous in the bedroom with your partner? The sad reality is that the longer couples are together sometimes the harder it is to be sexually free, in fear of being embarrassed.

It’s not about sharing your partner with someone else, it’s about trying something new together.


Tantra Massage

Tantra Lingam Massage

The beauty of tempered gold, the stability of the Himalayas, the tenderness of a growing leaf and the life-giving power of the Sun are seen in the Lingam!


Tantra Lingam Massage

Deeply relaxing, energetic, healing Tantra Lingam massage created in the moment.
A dance without a goal or expectations, where nothing but receiving is required from you.
A time for you to deeply relax in the atmosphere of unconditional Love.


What are the benefits of Lingam massage?

  • Massage fills the body with sexual energy
  • Relieves tension and stress, relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation in the body and genitals
  • Helps relieve physical, emotional and energy blocks in the body and in the genitals
  • Increases the sensitivity of the body and Lingam
  • Helps open erogenous zones
  • Helps in case of premature ejaculation, low libido, lack of energy and vitality
  • Improves sexual stamina (longer and better sexual intercourse)
  • Gives the opportunity to stay passive and learn how to accept


Tantra massage 60

Tantra Lingam Massage

1-hour session includes
40 minutes of Tantra massage
20 minutes of Lingam and prostate massage

Price €150

Tantra massage

Tantra Lingam Massage with Meditation

1.5-hour session includes
10 minutes of couple meditation
50 minutes of Tantra massage
30 minutes of Lingam and prostate massage

Price €200

Tantra Game

Tantra Art of Love

The 3-hour Tantra session is created specially for you to meet your needs and desires
A session may include individual or couple Tantra practices, meditation, Tantra massage, a workshop or a T-game

Price €900

Two hours before the session eat light food. Aavoid eating heavy food (meat, fish, eggs, etc.), drinking coffee, black tea, stimulating drinks, alcohol.

Please come to the session unscented!

Come and discover the beautiful world of Tantra!

When booking a session, please consider that you have to pay an advance payment of 50 %
When booking a session, please keep in mind that the reservation time can be cancelled no later than 24 hours before the start of the session.
Let’s respect each other’s time!